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Felt Membrane Roofing renewal

A built-up roof membrane is a multi-layer system which offers more levels of defence against water ingress. The layers comprise two or more bitumen roofing sheets which are bedded and bonded with hot bitumen or fused together by a torch application method.

The idyllic membrane is a combination of a base of high stiffness and tension, with a low stiffness matrix to provide the best combination of characteristics to resist movement and maintain waterproofing integrity.

There are several systems available including refurbishment torch on systems and cut to fall insulation systems. Torch on is a means adhering membranes for built up roofing which involves activating a factory applied layer of bitumen using a gas torch.

Torch on membranes

Torch on is a method applied to adhere membranes for built up roofing, which involves activation a factory applied layer of bitumen using a gas torch. This method is one of the most popular and effective services exploited as it provides a full and continuous bond. This process can be cost effective giving exceptional mechanical characteristics, stability, resistance to atmospheric conditions and ageing due to temperature variations and advancements of modern technology in roofing.

Pour and roll

The traditional pour and roll method of installing roofing felt uses oxidised bitumen heated in boilers. The pour and roll method is also cost efficient offering resistance to ageing and atmospheric conditions. High performance membranes are manufactured using oxidised or SBS modified bitumen secured with non-woven polyester reinforcement for traditional waterproofing.

Heat activated and self adhesive

Lastly, heat activated membranes offer solutions where direct torching or hot bitumen applied directly to the deck is not tolerable. Manufactured after careful research using specially selected polymers, distilled bitumen and special heat sensitive adhesives. The self-adhesive method of installing roofing felt is a flame-free built up roofing technique which does not require the use of hot bitumen or gas torches. This method is swift and clean with minimum surface disruption during layering. Bonding is achieved instantly due to the interaction between the adhesive formulation of the coatings used in the membranes and specialist primers that promote low temperature bonding.

Why Felt Membranes?

  • Defence against water ingress
  • Exceptional resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • Resistance to changing temperatures and ageing
  • A variety of different applications

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